Charnwood Fundraising is the one-stop website for anyone who is involved in all types of fundraising activities, such as:

  • Charities and non-profit organisations
  • Schools and colleges
  • Businesses or organisations holding charity events
  • Scout groups and similar organisations
  • Churches and other faith based organisations
  • Anyone else thinking of raising funds for good causes

We have a range of products and fundraising ideas that will help you maximise your fundraising potential.

Our Company

Charnwood Fundraising is owned by PDK Charnwood Ltd, based in Newton Abbot, Devon, which itself has over 30 years' experience of supplying fundraising products. Please see PDK's website for a wide range of toys, games and puzzles which are not available through the Charnwood website.

Our Values

We respect our customers, and our aim is to trade fairly and honestly, and always to provide value for money. We value your feedback and we are very proud of our customer service.