Christmas Fair Ideas - 10 Ways to Make Your Festive Fundraiser a Success

A Christmas fair is a fantastic, festive way for schools to raise funds. Make your fundraising event stand out with these Christmas fair ideas, including a few seasonal twists on some familiar games!


A tombola is an essential stall for any fundraising event and has been tried and tested at thousands of Christmas fairs. Use chocolate, biscuits and drinks for a low-cost range of prizes, or why not opt for a more premium selection of prizes and use a ready made soft toy tombola game.

What you'll need:

Top tip: have a non-uniform day before your Christmas fair and ask for prize donations

For more tips, read our guide on how to run a tombola game.

Santa's Grotto

Santa's Grottos are an excellent way to get kids excited for Christmas, especially if they help decorate the grotto themselves! 

What you'll need:

Top tip: despite being a slightly higher budget stall, buy prizes in bulk to make a great profit.

Name the Penguin

Grab the kids' attention with an adorable cuddly toy. A simple, seasonal money maker! A set number of names to choose from allows you to easily budget to make an excellent profit.

What you'll need:

  • A penguin soft toy (or any other Christmas related soft toy)
  • List of names on a poster

Top tip: it's well worth paying slightly more for a good quality soft toy that kids will be desperate to win.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

A festive twist on the classic sideshow game, bound to draw a crowd! Not only is it simple and low cost, it is incredibly addictive and fun for all ages.

Give away small prizes such as a chocolate Santa lollies, and reduce costs even further by making a DIY Rudolph.

What you'll need:

  • Blindfold
  • Pin board
  • Rudolph
  • Nose

Top tip: if you're making your own Rudolph, make sure you use thick paper which will withstand numerous pin holes. Use Blu-Tack instead of a pin for younger children.

Face Painting

Nothing screams school fair like a face painting stall - once one child has one, they'll all want one!  You can't go wrong with a few easy face painting ideas, a bit of practice and a group of excited children.

From a Rudolph to a Santa, a snowman to a star - you'll never run out of ideas to keep the kids happy this Christmas!

What you'll need:

  • Face painting equipment - check out our face painting guide for information on what you'll need and how to make your stall a success.
  • A few artistic volunteers

Top tip: practice makes perfect! Make sure you buy a bit of extra paint to experiment and perfect your designs before the big day.

Buy a festive face paint set including all the colours you need for Christmas.

Best Christmas Jumper Competition

This one speaks for itself. Whose Christmas jumper stands out from the crowd? While this is best run as a free competition, it is a great way to boost the Christmas spirit at your fundraiser.

What you'll need:

  • A judge with a keen eye for festive fashion
  • A small prize for the winner

Guess the Weight of a Cake

All you need for this game is a beautifully decorated Christmas cake to catch your visitors' eyes. This low cost game is sure to bring in a tidy profit at your event, and you can even use the cake itself as the prize for the lucky winner.

What you'll need:

  • A Christmas cake
  • Weighing scales

Top tip: ensure that no 2 guesses are the same - you only have one cake to give away!

How Many Chocolate Baubles in a Jar?

Another simple guessing game that children will love. This will work well with any sweet, but the more festive the better! This is a high profit game for a low budget. Similar to the cake game above, there is no limit to the money that can be made from this stall.

What you'll need:

  • A jar
  • Small seasonal treats - you could use chocolate baubles or balls, candy canes or any other Christmassy sweet

Top tip: draw a crowd by counting the sweets and announcing the winner at the end of the event

The Great Christmas Bake Off

Baking has swept the nation off its feet, and this craze won't stop for Christmas! Ask your visitors to bring their best Christmas culinary creations and charge a small entry fee for your very own Great Christmas Bake Off. Expect a wonderful array of yule logs, gingerbread houses, mince pies and Christmas puddings.

What you'll need:

  • A showroom
  • A few judges - your own Merry Berry and Paul Holly-wood

Top tip: inform your visitors of the competition in advance so they have plenty of time to prepare their masterpiece.

Make your Own Decorations

This creative Christmas stall is a good way to create a calmer corner at your Christmas fair. Have plenty of arts and crafts material ready at the table and let the children's imaginations run free. This is ideal for schools, which will most likely have most of the supplies needed already.

What you'll need:

  • A wide range of arts and crafts materials - don't forget to include lots of glitter, tinsel and Christmas stencils to keep it festive

Top tip: don't limit this stall to decorations. Why not add some Christmas card making supplies too?


Don't forget the essentials!

As well as the equipment you will need for each game listed above, there are a few other bits and pieces that are essential for your event to run smoothly:

  • Money pots - you will need somewhere to collect money at your stalls. An old tin or Tupperware box would be suitable.
  • Float - make sure you have enough change to get you through the whole event. The last thing you want is to be turning away customers because your float has run out!
  • Christmas music - a good playlist is essential to create a joyous atmosphere.
  • Food and drinks - don't let your visitors go hungry! This is also an easy way to raise more funds at your event.
  • Christmas decorations - make sure the room looks like a real winter wonderland.
  • Collection boxes - have an enthusiastic volunteer mingle with the crowd asking kindly for donations.
  • Entry fee - ask for a voluntary donation to enter your Christmas fair.