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How To Organise A Duck Race - Tips & Advice

Organising a duck race is a great way of raising funds at any event, and bringing a bit of fun competition to the proceedings. People and children especially love sponsoring a duck, and spectators can enjoy watching the race from the sidelines. The initial cost of purchasing plastic or rubber ducks and other supplies can be quickly recouped, with the potential for a good profit and the chance to re-use many of the same supplies during following events.

A Guide To Gift Aid

Collecting Gift Aid can be one of the most of the simplest ways to boost your donations. Claim tax relief on donations by UK taxpayers - at no extra cost to your or your donors!

Christmas Fair Ideas - 10 Ways to Make Your Festive Fundraiser a Success

A Christmas fair is a fantastic, festive way for schools to raise funds. Make your fundraising event stand out with these Christmas fair ideas, including a few seasonal twists on some familiar games!