Easy Face Painting Ideas for your Fundraiser

Face painting is an essential part of a successful fundraising event. You can't go wrong with a few easy face painting ideas, a bit of practice and a group of excited children.

Before You Start Painting

Face painting isn't quite as simple as just buying some paints and brushes. While you might be eager to get started and create a masterpiece, it is important to take some time to prepare, practice and make sure you are using good quality equipment. You may find our guide to running a face painting stall useful.

Pikachu Face Paint

Whether you're an avid Pokemon hunter or not, it's impossible to avoid the augmented reality phenomenom, Pokemon Go. Why not cash in on its unbelievable popularity with an easy face painting idea that kids will love - Pikachu!

This cute little yellow monster is the iconic face of the Pokemon franchise, and luckily this design is even simple enough for novice face painters.

Spiderman Face Paint

Another instantly recognisable, quick and easy face painting idea, Spiderman will be a hit with the aspiring young superheroes at your event.

Tiger Face Paint

This quick tiger face painting tutorial by Snazaroo makes this traditional design so simple! As the market leading face painting supplier, it's well worth having a look at Snazaroo's Youtube channel for more tips and tutorials.

Dog Face Paint

Who doesn't love a cute puppy! This tutorial breaks down the face painting process into easy chunks, and while the design is simple, the finished product is adorable.

Zombie Face Paint

An extremely easy face painting idea which is hard to get wrong! You can make up a gory design however you want, but here's another great tutorial by Snazaroo in case you need some inspiration.

More Easy Face Painting Ideas

If you want to expand your repertoire beyond these basic designs, Snazaroo's step-by-step face painting guide is a great place to start, featuring simple to follow instructions, helpful hints and a whole host of exciting faces to paint.