Fang-tastic Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Are you organising a Halloween party this year? Why not use the evening to also raise money for a great charity of your choice. Here are five of our favourite fang-tastic Halloween fundraising ideas that are not only fun but can also raise lots of spooky spondoolies for your chosen charity!

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Charge a fee for entering and inspire everyone to get creative! You can set the prize for the best looking pumpkin as half the money you raised with the entry fee and send the other half to your chosen charity. Or buy a small prize for the winner… it’s up to you!

Halloween Hunt

This is a great game to be played either indoors or out depending on the weather. Draw your party goers a map to your hidden treasure and hide clues in a variety of horrid places… bowls of slime, cobwebs, maggots… eww! Make all the losers pay a fine to your chosen charity!

Spooky Quiz Night!

Lots of horror themed questions and maybe have the Question Master dress up and hold a torch under his chin Blair Witch style! As with the Pumpkin Carving, charge an entry fee to make some money for your charity.

For a simple Halloween costume, try a small face painting kit and experiment to create some spooky designs!

Bobbing for Apples Competition

There are two ways to do this competition - green apple wins or fastest bobbing time.

For the green apple wins game, fill your container with red apples and just one green apple, allot a specified time to each bobbing contender and the person who manages to secure the green apple with their teeth wins!

Or fill your container with any apples of your choice and time all the contenders, the winner is the person that took the shortest time securing an apple! Either charge an entry fee or get the losers to pay a forfeit …it’s up to you!

Zombie Disco

Last but by no means least, and our personal favourite, is Zombie Disco! Lots of spooky tunes, fancy dress and zombie dancing! What is there not to love! Charge an entry fee and don’t forget to go mingle and collect donations during the night. Best dressed wins a prize!

Raise extra funds for your chosen charity throughout your party with a charity collection bucket or box.