Christmas Fair Ideas - 10 Ways to Make Your Festive Fundraiser a Success

A Christmas fair is a fantastic, festive way for schools to raise funds. Make your fundraising event stand out with these Christmas fair ideas, including a few seasonal twists on some familiar games!

Fang-tastic Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Are you organising a Halloween party this year? Why not use the evening to also raise money for a great charity of your choice. Here are five of our favourite fang-tastic Halloween fundraising ideas that are not only fun but can also raise lots of spooky spondoolies for your chosen charity!

How To Host A Charity Bingo Night

A charity bingo night is one of the most effective and fun ways to raise funds for your organisation or cause. It is an excellent way of encouraging people to give money to a good cause as it has the incentive for participants to win some money of their own.